Datasketch: Equipping Colombian small businesses with tools to harness the power of their own data

Innovation Fund Winner

Using an AI-powered chatbot designed to deliver crucial information, along with charts and maps, directly via chat

Why this program?

  • In Bogota alone, there are up to 50,000 stores and restaurants that could benefit from affordable, simplified data to support their business decisions
  • The existing data analytics services are inaccessible for niche markets
  • This program aims to support business owners with the right interfaces to get quick answers about their business from their own data

Program overview

This program aims to equip Colombian small businesses with easy to use tools to harness the power of their own data through an AI-powered chatbot designed to deliver crucial information, along with charts and maps, directly via chat. These resources align with Datasketch’s mission to democratize data science for smaller organizations, particularly those in developing nations who can't afford existing data and dashboarding solutions.

Their Data Apps solution offers real-time, visual dashboards with key business metrics, allowing small business owners to identify trends and make informed decisions in sales, customer behavior, inventory levels, or cash flow. The AI chatbot to be developed as part of this program will be an interactive counterpart to the dashboards, offering immediate access to business information upon request, enhancing strategic choices and operational efficiency. 

This program allows Datasketch to adapt their solution to increase its relevance to small businesses (e.g. interoperability with popular MSE online tools). They will deploy their solution in Bogota's specific niche markets, including independent design stores, cafes, restaurants, and bookstores.

About Datasketch

Datasketch is a social technology company that promotes the responsible use of information and data technologies for evidence-based decision-making. Their mission is to democratize data science by reducing barriers to technology adoption in smaller organizations and public institutions by closing the gap for data access and processing for those organizations who cannot afford currently available dashboard solutions in developing countries.

Strive Community's backing will enable Datasketch to develop and refine an innovative AI chatbot, tailored to aid small businesses in Colombia. This support will facilitate the creation of a user-friendly interface designed specifically for non-technical business owners, enhancing their ability to analyze and comprehend their business data effectively. The award will significantly expand our research and development capabilities, fast-tracking the deployment of this essential tool and driving the advancement of Colombia's small business sector.

JP Marin Diaz

Founder, Datasketch

Implementation partners

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