Strive Community Innovation Fund 2023

Big ideas for small businesses

Seeking innovative solutions that support small businesses’ growth in the areas of Environmental Sustainability and Data for Market Access.

The application period is now closed.



Project eligibility

Proposed projects must::

  • Support businesses with fewer than 10 employees
  • Leverage digital and data-first solutions
  • Be implemented outside of US and Canada

Organizational eligibility

Applicants can be::

  • Single organizations or a consortium of multiple organizations
  • Startups, established companies, nonprofits, social enterprises, academic institutions, or other organization types (not government entities)
  • Companies or multinational corporations (subject to matched funding requirements)

Due diligence requirements

Applicants must::

  • Be a registered and operating entity with active users, with a proven track record of legal and ethical operations and good work performance for at least 1 year
  • Be fully compliant with business licensing, taxation, employee, and other relevant regulations in all countries of operation
  • Be compliant with all applicable laws, including adhering to fundamental human rights and all international labor standards
  • Be able to prove financial health with adequate financial systems to provide regular reporting 
  • Have adequate internal human resource capability to implement the proposed project and comply with Strive Community’s reporting requirements
  • Not be engaged in unethical activities, such as arms production or tobacco