GO DIGITAL: Empowering women-led small businesses in Poland to grow through digitalization

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Program overview

The GO DIGITAL program is designed to support women-led small businesses in Poland to adopt and embed appropriate digital tools in their day-to-day business. The project is managed by the Fundacja LBC Business Women Foundation (LBC) with support from 180heartbeats on creative and technical design, and The Polish Development Fund (PFR). 

Through this program, LBC and 180heartbeats will develop a GO DIGITAL platform, embedded within LBC’s existing website and community.

The platform will include:

  • A ‘GO DIGITAL' Test: to assess levels of digitalization. Adapted from PFR’s digital maturity assessment, the test will be designed to identify levels of digital readiness and provide tailored digital tool recommendations and associated support services.
  • Digital tool recommendations: After taking the GO DIGITAL test, users will seamlessly and instantly receive tailored recommendations on digital tools that could support their business growth.
  • Tailored support services: Along with digital tool recommendations, users will also be provided with suggestions of support services designed to assist them in adopting and embedding these tools into their day-to-day business. These will include: 1:1 expert advisory sessions, online and offline workshops, and online training resources.

The platform will focus on priority digitalization areas including, but not limited to: Finance, Business & Strategy, Sales, Communication, Social Media, HR & Wellbeing, AI & Innovations, and Cybersecurity.

Register here to learn more about the GO DIGITAL platform and benefit from a wide array of digital tools and resources.

About LBC

For 12 years, the LBC has been supporting Polish women-led small and medium businesses to have the confidence, know-how and tools to grow sustainable and competitive businesses. They support women-led small businesses through mentoring, networking, personal branding, online promotion and training.

To date, LBC has run over 250 conferences & business meetings for women-led small businesses across Poland, and has grown a community of over 25,000+ social media followers and 4,000+ newsletter subscribers.

About 180HB

180heartbeats (180H) is an independent creative agency in Poland with strong digital competencies. 180H has won over 400 awards in the creative industry, including 22 EFFIEs (awards for communication effectiveness) and over 150 KTR (Polish awards for creativity).

180H partners with big brands that want to make a change, and has developed impactful multi-media campaigns for the likes of Google, YouTube, Zalando, and Converse. Alongside their branding and communication expertise, 180HB has strong expertise in designing and building web platforms for both the Polish and international markets. 

About PFR

PFR (Polski Fundusz Rozwoju S.A) is a government-run group providing financial and advisory support to micro-entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses, and local governments. One of their key priorities is to support digital entrepreneurship development. In a dedicated entrepreneurship program, PFR supports medium sized businesses with their digital transformation through a digital maturity assessment, and access to digital tools, advisory services, funding instruments, and events.

Since 2011, we’ve connected and promoted enterprising Polish women to share their knowledge and experience. We want every woman business owner to boldly transform her business and go online. We believe that there is strength and power in a community, and thanks to the support of other businesswomen, individual leaders will feel part of a group that truly supports and encourages them to aim higher in the digitalization of their businesses. Working and being a part of Mastercard Strive will be a huge step towards achieving our vision and having an impact on the digitalization of businesses run by Polish women.

Emilia Bartosiewicz - Brożyna, President of Fundacja LBC Business Woman Foundation and Renata Żukowska, Vice President of Fundacja LBC Business Woman Foundation

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